I think

My passion for design is much more

than sitting in front of a computer

and make ugly things look beautiful,

design is to inspire people’s mind

every day with my work.

I’m Khwaja Banda Nawaz A Betgeri

I have over a 4years of experience, having worked for multiple brands around the globe. I have been designing logos, engaging websites and marketing collaterals for my clients worldwide that get results for their businesses.


I create awesome print and web designs. I define myself as a loyal, adaptable, ambitious, self-motivated, confident and down to earth person, which means that I am smart and fun. I breathe, eat and live Design. I provide solutions to visual communication problems from Initial conceptualization to final product. Life is full of inspiration and I thrive on expressing it through any medium possible. My goal is to break new ground and every project is a chance for me to do so.


I don’t want

Just to get a job, I WANT THE JOB!!

I’m ready for the challenge, No matter

the task, I’m willing to do whatever

it takes to prove that “hiring me is

a good decision”.